Give Yourself a Mini Face-lift

119199-400x254-StrengthTrainingIt’s no secret that sagging, flabby, weak muscles are the result of not doing proper muscle building and maintenance. They add years to the way you look and feel.

When we think about exercising, we think toned muscles, firm thighs and weight loss. Those are all very valid reasons to exercise but most of us are unaware of the health benefits that proper strength training offers our largest organ…our skin.

Each time you perform a strength training exercise you are working a target group of muscles but every other muscle is at work too bracing against the resistance to keep you in position while you do it. Firming and toning the muscles under previously saggy and loose skin always creates a tighter more toned appearance. The muscles in your face are no exception, they contract to help old your body stable while you perform and when this happens, you are effectively toning those muscles as well.

In effect, you are giving yourself a mini face lift by firming and toning those muscles which lift, tighten and pull the skin taut that those muscles are attached to.

So, basically, you are getting a two-for-one deal. One lift, firming and toning and the other smoothing out your wrinkles so they become less obvious and slowing the rate at which your skin ages.

Working your muscles properly gives you another sweet benefit…detoxification. Detoxification forces out the potentially destructive poisons out we have accumulated from chemicals and other poisons that have found their way into our bodies and into our cells.

Cells that are full of toxins do nothing to enhance our health…in fact, they “weigh” us down literally. However, cells that have been cleansed become more alive and active and are able to do their job correctly. The end result is that you look and feel more vibrant and youthful.

If you’re spending all kinds of money on anti-aging products that just lie on the outside of your skin…it’s time to turn that dollar into gold and get real results. Forget the expensive and painful cosmetic procedures that are nothing but a band-aide (that you will have to replace over time) and take responsibility for how you look and feel. Your health and how you look lie directly in your hands so quit trying to fool yourself into believing that you can “buy health and youth.”

Youth and health are earned not bought. You can rejuvenate all your body cells and stop the aging process dead in its tracks by getting started on a proper strength training exercise program supported by nutrient-dense eating.

No matter how old you are or look, exercise can help knock years off your age and make you look and feel younger. Of course, the earlier you get started on the proper kind of exercise program (that must include some sort of strength training), the better prepared you will be to fight off the aging process.

It is exercise that stimulates the body to be in constant regeneration mode because exercise breaks down cellular tissue. The body re-grows these cells using the building blocks you have provided by the clean eating and nutrient dense diet you are consuming.

Bottom line is this; exercise makes you stronger, fitter and more flexible. It improves endurance, strength, stamina, and balance and it boosts energy. When done properly, only a couple of sessions a week are required to challenge the body effectively.

It is by far your best anti-aging pill.

It’s never too late to change when it comes to your health.

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