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Count Nutrients Not Calories

Every day of our lives our body requires a combination of many nutrients in order to function properly and stay alive. These nutrients include the main macro-nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats along with micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Most people can get the majority of their nutritional needs by paying attention to their […]

Make Fitness a Priority

It’s no secret that maintaining an active lifestyle is mandatory if we want to stay fit and healthy, mentally and physically. However, in a world full of time consuming demands, finding time to get our workouts in can be challenging. Sadly, with work, family and school activities quickly filling our schedules, if we don’t make […]

Increased Muscle Strength Improves Cognitive Performance

Exercise has proven to be very effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels by increasing soothing brain chemicals like endorphin’s and GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, is a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages through the brain and the nervous system, and is involved in regulating communication between brain cells). It even benefits us at a cellular level […]

Your Best Immune Boosting Anti-Aging Solution

If you struggle with motivation to get your workouts in it might be time to change your perspective. Start viewing exercise, specifically strength training sessions as a dose of very strong preventive medicine. In fact, it’s the most powerful anti-aging pill you can dose yourself. Aging is a complex process that takes place in the […]

Diet, Exercise and Your Heart

From the time you are born until the moment you pass, there is one muscle that does not stop working. That muscle is your heart muscle. This incredibly strong, resilient muscle never stop contracting. It pumps blood relentlessly unless we do something damaging to clog up the arterial system that delivers oxygen and nutrients to […]

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