Your Social Life Affects Your Rate of Aging…

It may seem odd at first to be talking about relationships when it comes to anti-aging. But it turns out that relationships – marriage, friendships and siblings have everything to do with your “rate of aging.”

The search for the elusive “fountain of youth” is not all about just looking younger or being younger from a physical standpoint. How you feel is equally important and social interaction with people plays a major role in keeping that aspect of you “healthy.” 

Social interaction is key. It is the arena that allows people to express their feelings and share their issues with others. It has even been proven to have a direct effect on the immune system and a person’s well-being.

Conversely, those with few social relationships tend to draw inward, keeping to themselves, leading to the loss of “social functioning” and if not corrected contributes to depression. Although the ability to communicate with others is not lost, the natural flow is disturbed and they’ll  likely lose touch with overall social norms and their ability to relate to others suffers.

All of these factors contribute to the aging process.

Boost Your Immunity

On the other hand, those who foster strong social ties, fit easy into society.

They are healthier both physically and mentally, more outgoing in nature and feel more positive about what they have going for them. Their active social interaction helps to keep their minds healthy and open to exciting new and expanded possibilities and ideas. In the end, they are more content and maintain a healthier outlook on life.

When facing a health crisis or any other crisis in life, no one likes to feel alone. Whether young or old, when we experience struggle, it’s very helpful to have a close circle of family and friends supporting you and standing by your side. Because there is “strength in numbers,” it’s much more comforting to feel part of something bigger and healthy relationships and social interactions provide protective effects against aging because they offer just that – great social support.

This circle of close relationships, people you love and care about beside you, will positively influence your mental outlook and improve your resilience, all contributing factors to your longevity.

Social support is both powerful and empowering. It helps us to cope with stress, whereas lonely people experience the opposite. They suffer  from stress, depression and cardiovascular problems.

Think about this: studies that have been published in the Harvard health newsletter show that men who enjoy a satisfying marriage tend to show a lower rate of mortality than their single counterparts. You can’t ignore these numbers. It pays to have strong social ties, especially as we get older and are more at risk of facing health related issues.

Social life is one of our best immunity builders and increased social interaction/connections promote longevity and vitality by reducing the risk of hypertension, heart disease, some cancers and even infectious diseases. Simply developing and maintaining a few strong relationships (it doesn’t take many) provides some serious protective factors against disease, depression and in general, the process of aging. 

Unfortunately because life moves so fast these days, many current older generationals are quickly losing touch with some of the new social trends and advancements of the future. They are stuck in their narrow ways and cannot adapt to new ways of communicating and interacting.

In order to “feel” young you must remain flexible and social interaction helps to do just that. The opposite is “rigid.” Which one do you think is more likely to “break or crack?”

The reality is, social interaction is a big part of life and when you can no longer participate properly, it impacts you in a negative way whether you like it or not. It takes time and effort to develop and maintain healthy relationships, but the rewards are well worth it.

The good news is, there’s no shortage of places to gain social interaction, boost your self-esteem, kick in your health and turn on your anti-aging genes. Your local gym is one of them – you’ll mingle with a health conscious crowd. Everyone is there because they want to look, feel and perform better. The energy is uplifting, stimulating, educating, intoxicating and for some even addicting, it’s that good.

Next time you’re looking for some healthy social interaction, head to your local gym and enjoy the positive energy.

Your mental and physical health will thank you for it.

The body is empowered to slow down the aging process and restore itself to a level of wellness that it may no longer be experiencing. Superior health. the kind that pays off long-term, involves maintaining healthy social connections, a healthy body weight throughout life, eating a healthy diet, and having sufficient physical activity in our lives.

The information here, when implemented as suggested, will be life changing and you will enjoy greater health like never before.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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