Your Best Immune Boosting Anti-Aging Solution

If you struggle with motivation to get your workouts in it might be time to change your perspective.

Start viewing exercise, specifically strength training sessions as a dose of very strong preventive medicine. In fact, it’s the most powerful anti-aging pill you can dose yourself.

Aging is a complex process that takes place in the body over time and involves a wide number of bodily systems. Not being active enough affects the bodily systems clear down to the cellular level where the ability to transfer nutrients and oxygen from the bloodstream to cells is diminished.

If you can’t get enough oxygen out of your blood the quality of your entire life is impacted – not in a positive way!

Vigorous movement is also key to triggering and releasing anti-aging hormones such as HGH – Human Growth Hormone. This important chemical messenger ensures instructions are given to old worn out cells and tissues to be repaired, rebuilt, replaced or renewed.  You’re only fooling yourself if you believe you can remain healthy without the constant release of these “youth” promoting hormones renewing cells and tissues. Without these anti-aging warriors, other chemicals take over and instruct the cells to decay, degenerate and die.

Without vigorous exercise, the body assumes/senses that you don’t need your strength any longer and automatically switches into shutdown and degeneration mode. Not a healthy place to be!

Our ancestors didn’t have to consciously put effort into exercising because just the act of daily survival provided all the exercise needed. But, times have changed. No longer does sitting at the desk for hours at a time provide the necessary stimulus our muscles need to grow and thrive or the stimulus for hormones to kick up production. Sure, our lives are easier and more comfortable. Unfortunately, that does not translate into health and vitality.

Just because times have shifted how we get into shape, the underlying need remains the same. In order to experience stellar health, explosive energy and longevity in years, our bodies must be used as intended – actively!

Here’s some warning signs that you need to shift your perspective about exercising from one of disdain and avoidance to seeing exercise as a direct route to stellar health and longevity.

Warning signs:

Being overweight and obese

Excessive belly fat

Lack of endurance

Soft, flabby muscles

Constant fatigue

Chronic low back or joint pain

Increased blood pressure and blood fat levels

Elevated resting rate

Poor circulation

Increased anxiety and depression

Low breathing capacity

From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, being physically active is the stimulus that gets the human body working its best while preventing it from deteriorating.

If you fail to challenge your joints and muscles to stay strong they will continue to weaken and fail.

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