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Antioxidants are Warriors Against Viruses, Infections and Disease

Everyday, the cells in our bodies are subject to threats of all kinds. Viruses, infections and free radical damage to cells and DNA are ongoing. While some cells have the ability to heal from damage, others cannot. Free radicals are unstable molecules. They attack healthy cells and a chain reaction of destruction in your body […]

Stimulate Your Brain to Prevent Cognitive and Memory Loss…

When it comes to aging, many people believe it is all about physical health. That could not be further from the truth. Your physical health is important, however, your mental and even your emotional health play huge roles as well. The reality is, even if you are currently physically healthy, but your mind is not […]

Life Span vs. Health Span…

Life Span vs. Health Span – You may have heard of these two terms and wonder what the difference is. Living well and long: Are they the same? Can we do both? Focus used to be solely on lifespan but new research about our concept of aging has changed. We now consider living a healthy life […]

Walk Your Way to Peace

Sticking to a new diet or exercise routine is challenging – especially when beginning. We’ll need to call into service our army reserves – willpower and self-discipline. If we have not been developing these two mandatory elements then experiencing success will be challenging at best. Research and ongoing studies have proven over and over the […]

Your Social Life Affects Your Rate of Aging…

It may seem odd at first to be talking about relationships when it comes to anti-aging. But it turns out that relationships – marriage, friendships and siblings have everything to do with your “rate of aging.” The search for the elusive “fountain of youth” is not all about just looking younger or being younger from […]

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