Is Your Body “Regenerating” or “Degenerating?”



The human body is an amazing “chemical reactor.”

All systems and functions in the body are controlled by chemical reactions that relay messages to every single cell in every tissue, organ and system in the body when to repair, rebuild and renew.

However “growth” chemical reactions require the proper stimulus in order to be triggered into action and the key to triggering them is “movement.”

“Movement is the stimulus that triggers the chemical reactions that send ‘living’ messages of renewal to the cells.”

The human body is tremendously efficient at converting body tissue into life-sustaining energy-so anything not being used weakens, withers and eventually dies. It’s simply the way of nature. What is not used is discarded. The opposite is true when we actually ‘use’ the body as it was intended…actively. We then relay the message chemically that the body is being used and needs constant rebuilding.

Natural activity and movement came naturally for our great-grand parents as simple daily survival demanded intense physical activity. However, we are not our ancestors and rarely is enough physical exercise packed into the typical day to stimulate the body to “live” rather than begin the process of dying and millions of lives are being cut short because of it.

These days, we barely have to move in order to survive. Even food is as close as our cell phones which for most people is never further away than their closest pocket.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way life has evolved. Our lifestyles have shifted because our needs as humans have shifted. Survival in our ancestor’s times was more about physical survival while the “new survival” is mostly mental in nature.



…that does not negate the fact that the physical body still needs those vital “chemical reactions” to occur that catalyze the physical cells to keep “repairing, rebuilding and renewing” themselves.


It’s not about trying to copy what our ancestors did…it’s about adjusting our lives to include the proper amount of challenging movement. Without that message/chemical reaction, the body begins to decay and decompose. Disease and disorder set in.

Because movement is the magic that sends mighty messages about the status of our “will to live” and lack of movement is potion that is literally “killing” us, it’s obvious…we must make “movement” a priority again. Unfortunately, being “busy” throughout the day running around doing errands does not quality.

The first requirement towards releasing those “growth and repair” hormonal chemical reactions is to build muscle and you do this by engaging major muscle groups using a range of movements under adequate load.


Bottom line:

Sitting around and living a sedentary no exercise lifestyle encourages the body to decay while challenging your muscles with the right activity and proper exercise causes “growth and repair” hormones (such as the human growth hormone) to be stimulated and work their magic.”

Without a doubt, movement is the primary key to keeping us strong, healthy, disease free and alive. Without it, our bodies suffer with weak muscles, weak bones and a weak immune system. That’s a high price to pay for sitting still wouldn’t you say?

The truth is, you are either in “regeneration” mode or “degeneration” mode by being actively engaged in movement or sitting sedentary like a duck waiting to be shot. What messages are you sending your body?

Your body has the potential and the power, to slow down the aging process and restore itself to a level of wellness that it may no longer be experiencing. Superior health. the kind that pays off long-term, involves maintaining healthy body weight throughout life, eating a healthy diet, and having sufficient physical activity in our lives.

“Activate The Self Healing Process Within You” is the “instruction manual” for making it happen. It contains “simple Lifestyle Strategies to help resist aging and maintain superior health.” You’ll learn the best techniques for preparing your body to defend itself against disease no matter how insidious the threat.

The information here, when implemented as suggested, will be life changing and you will enjoy greater health like never before.

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