Table Tactics to Help You Succeed with your Fat Loss and Diet…

veggiesThere are many tactics and ideas that will help us prime our bodies for dieting success.

Let’s explore a handful of ideas and tips that are simple but empowering and can be incorporated right at the dinner table:

Adjust your meal frequency: If you currently follow a strict diet protocol of “three square” meals daily, it’s time to expand your horizons and move towards a higher meal frequency.

Eating smaller meals many times daily as opposed to putting all your calories into three meals helps your blood sugar levels stay stabilized. However, you must remember to adjust your meal size downward so that your 5-6 meal plan is the same in size to your 3 meal plan – the food is just distributed differently.

Utilize fresh herbs in your cooking: High calories condiments can be tempting but contribute nothing to our fat loss efforts. Herbs and spices are the perfect way to change the flavor of your foods without adding calories and the best thing of all is they are contributing health benefits. They can combat inflammation, lower the risk of cardio-vascular disease and serve as powerful antioxidants.

Focus on increasing your produce consumption: Fresh fruits and veggies are full of life giving nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They help improve fat loss capability and give a huge boost towards increasing health. They also provide us with valuable fiber that keeps the digestive tract humming properly. Break out of your rut and begin including as many varieties as possible.

Start your meals with a broth based soup: Vegetable broth soups are very low in calories and a great way to calm your hunger pains and help you stick to your diet plan. The hot liquid fills you up and helps taper down how many calories you consume. Remember to avoid creamy soups that contain far too much fat and too many calories that promote fat storage not burn fat.

Avoid calorie containing liquids: Calories that we drink do not register the same in our bodies as the food calories do so many people fail to cut back on the foods they are eating even though they have just consumed a 200 calorie drink. All calories must be accounted for.

If you regularly consume beverages that contain calories (aside from healthy giving high protein home-made smoothies) you are setting yourself up for unnecessary weight gain as well as introducing potentially toxic chemicals into your body.  Fruit juices, commercial smoothies, soda and even gourmet coffees are all incredibly high in total sugar content and will send your blood glucose levels soaring and then crashing at which point you’ll be reaching for more food (likely sugar).

Put your fork down in between bites: Take time to put your fork down in between your bites. This slows the whole process for you and allows your body and your brain to actually register and process what you’ve eaten and when you are feeling full. If you race through your meals, you’ll overeat before you have time to comprehend that you are full.

Eat without distraction: Don’t allow distractions such as TV, magazines and computers to allow you to eat more calories than you should. Make a concentrated effort to place your full attention on the food you are eating. Tune into your senses and enjoy the flavor, aroma and texture of your foods. This also helps you to slow down and register what you’ve eaten. You’ll often find you are satisfied on many less calories.

Don’t try and change the world overnight. You’ll only suffer from frustration and go on and off the bandwagon.

Create new habits one step at a time. Focus on changing something small and once it becomes natural for you to be doing it you can work on changing something else.

All these tips can help you to succeed with your fat loss plans. Isn’t it time they became an important part of your diet?

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