Healthy Self-Esteem Results in Healthy Active Bodies…


Without healthy self-esteem, it will be impossible to stay on track with your nutrition plan and exercise goals.

In fact, your self-esteem is the foundation, it is the key to your long-term lasting, health promotion success.

Truth is, people get what they believe they deserve – not what they want in life.

If your self-esteem is at a low level (the value you place on yourself), you will not value yourself enough to truly “go for it” in life much less allow yourself the freedom of a fit, healthy and strong body.

Your self-esteem plays a primary role in whether or not you will:

Place enough value on yourself to transform your body and thereby transform your life.

Take the necessary action to create that transformation.

Low self-esteem results because the expectations you have of how you want your body to look don’t match up to the reality of how it looks. These type of feelings lead to chaotic emotions and distorted thoughts about your body. These negative damaging thoughts concerning body image and self-worth eventually lead to changes in exercise and eating habits.

Let’s get real. You can want to have a fit, strong, healthy feel-good body for the rest of your life, but without taking the proper actions to transform your inner and outer self to be more in alignment, you will continue to have destructive self-esteem sabotaging every effort to reach your goals.

Since low self-esteem sets in place beliefs that you do not deserve it, the first mindset that you need to practice is one that addresses your self-esteem. You must be able to “imagine it,” to believe it is an attainable goal for you.

Continue on with your low self-esteem and it will eventually drag you down and continue to hold you down while at the same time equalizing to itself the other parts of your life. In the end, your social and career life suffer and you end up with in a worse place than ever with an overweight, unattractive, feel-bad unhealthy body. Truth is, low self-esteem keeps you stuck, frustrated and unhappy.

The key to overcoming this problem is to first realize that these beliefs are completely false and invalid.

There are literally millions of people who have been in the exact same position but they stepped to the plate and successfully swapped their feel-bad, disease riddled injured body for a new feel-good fit, strong energetic and healthy body.

They are not special in some way…with some sort of special magical powers. If they can turn their health around and live this way every day going forward, you can do it too.


High self-esteem on the other hand, makes everything easier.

It will take little effort to:

Take healthy, consistent action steps to improve your eating and exercise habits that in turn improve your health or combat disease and manage any conditions you may currently have.

Believe that you deserve to have what you want – then “go get it.”

Seek out a proven road map you can follow that creates a fit, healthy and strong body for yourself – without the struggle.

The end reality is simple: If you feel stuck and trapped in a feel-bad, at-risk-for-disease body it is because you are the one with the stuck thoughts – the ones that are holding you exactly where you currently find yourself.

When you finally take responsibility for the fact that you created this body that is now causing you so much trouble and worry that’s the exact moment you realize that you are also the one empowered to change it. No one else has that power but you.

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It will absolutely help you in every area of your life to stay as young, healthy and vibrant as possible.

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