Yoga for Body and Mind Health

Yoga infographics set with person in lotus pose wellness and body treatment symbols vector illustration

Eating the right foods and working your muscles like they were created to be used is paramount to anyone whose objective is to live a long healthy, vibrant life.

However, the job doesn’t stop there nor does it start there.

Just as a coin is “two sided”…you are also “two sided”…you have inner mind that must be kept healthy just as you have your outer physical body that must be kept healthy. They work as a team. If one is in chaos, the other one won’t be working at peak performance.

Without a doubt, addressing your muscles needs and your diet goes a long way to fulfilling the needs of your outer physical body, but, if you don’t address your “inner” mind’s needs at the same time, you are facing an uphill battle because you’ll be fighting off your inner demons that are directly responsible for the “stressors” in your life. [Read more…]

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