Muscle Downgrade is a Blow to Your Body

atrophyStrong healthy muscles are vital ingredients in the anti-aging war. Although you can’t stop chronological aging (it begins the day you are born), there is recent biological aging and growing evidence that indicates that this kind of aging can be slowed and even reversed…particularly in the muscle tissue because muscle aging isn’t necessarily chronological.

Truth is, muscle aging can start at a very young age and many young adults unknowingly suffer from symptoms of muscle aging due to physical inactivity, poor diet, stress, and substance abuse.

When muscles age, they lose their aerobic capacity and strength and also their size…but it is possible to stop this process of “muscle downgrade.” [Read more…]

High Blood Sugar is a Silent but Destructive Villain. Are You Paying Attention?

Diabetes Word Cloud ConceptIf you consistently carry excess weight…especially around the mid-section, feeling tired all the time or have become a slave to your food cravings and riding the hunger roller coaster each day, you may be suffering from unhealthy, unstable blood glucose levels.

Unfortunately, this creeping blood sugar intolerance often displays no visible symptoms which make it one of the most destructive changes to your body associated with accelerated aging and the increased risk of disease. [Read more…]

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