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As we evolve, we progressively obtain new answers to age-old questions and much of this new knowledge is positive and exciting – 

Studies Prove –

Over 30 years of research reveals that the more you change your lifestyle (particularly in areas of physical activity and nutrition) the more your health improves because you turn off the bad genes that lead you down the path of poor health and turn on the good genes that protect you by turning on self-healing processes that promote longevity and stellar health.

Adopt the right lifestyle changes and you can alter how you age by lengthening rather than shortening the telomeres located on the ends of DNA thereby slowing or even reversing the aging process from within.

The result is super-health or super-wellness at the cellular level as old worn out cells and tissues get replaced with new younger, healthier, stronger ones, turning back the biological clock in your body, muscles and brain.


Super Wellness

Super-wellness is proactive. It’s about building a strong disease resistant body and finding and eliminating the cause of disease – not just managing the symptoms. It’s about staying well when you are healthy, and extending middle age into the far reaches of old age. It’s about increasing the healthy span of aging, and avoiding the worst aspects of old age until the last minute.

There are two strategies that are gaining popularity as new lifestyle-based anti-aging plans that literally change what goes on with the DNA that is involved in disease and the aging process. Not surprisingly, those two strategies are exercise and healthy eating. Lucky for us, both these things are well within our personal control.


The Goals of any Anti-aging Lifestyle are, (at any age):

Robust healing and cell renewal – activating the self-healing processes

Healthier – beyond simply “not being sick”

Strength and high energy – regardless of age

Hampering/slowing/reversing the aging process

Improving body composition – muscle to fat ratio

Achieving a health span that equals life span

To be free of and not at risk of disease and to experience wellness through every decade of life. That’s what anti-aging is about. By choosing to be proactive and responsible, you develop a strong sense of personal identity and empowerment for your own health.

The reality is, a decent old age is something that only we are empowered to deliver to ourselves. By adopting an anti-aging diet and lifestyle that includes challenging exercise, you’ll have a real chance of adding decades of additional happy and healthy living to your lifespan.

Those who succeed with anti-aging practices are those who believe in the values of independence, productivity and self-care in later life. For them, anti-aging practices become a way of life – a lifestyle driver. Are those values important to you?

As you consciously, with effort, develop these positive habits, you strengthen your inner resources, reinforcing all healthy habits and propelling yourself towards real health, real growth and real success.

You don’t need to age the way your parents and grandparents did. It’s time to set an example of how hot your 60’s and beyond can really be.

Everything you need to know to slow down and even reverse the aging clock can be found in my anti-aging library of help: “Reclaim Your Longevity.”


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