The Controls to Aging are on the Inside Not the Outside

aging3Aging is a natural part of the human experience, it is a natural part of the process of life…however getting “old” is something that is within our control.

Getting prematurely old…accelerated aging is avoidable if we are addressing what our bodies need now.

What kind of quality of life do you have when you are older but unable to participate with life anymore? You have no energy or stamina so even normal functions of daily living become difficult. You can no longer climb a flight of stairs by yourself and even rise from a chair without a struggle. Forget about the extracurricular activities like dancing and biking and even taking a nice long walk. At this point, the fun is gone and if you can’t enjoy life anymore and have fun then what’s the purpose of being here?

Getting old…especially before our time opens the door to disease, muscle weakness, injury and crippling “senior years.”

Is that really what you want? To live out your life as an invalid? Someone who can’t do anything without the help of others?

Accelerated Aging Syndrome leaves us feeling old and exhausted long before our time and is occurring in civilized nations worldwide.

Many times the first indicator that our bodies are aging quicker than they need to is a loss of vital energy…the kind that keeps us kicking and physically and mentally active. But there are other indicators of accelerated aging.

It’s not hard to spot as it usually characterized by:

  • Shrinking muscles
  • Decreased memory, clarity and thinking power
  • Expanding waistline
  • Shrinking muscles and poor fitness levels
  • Worsening cholesterol profiles
  • Rising blood pressure
  • Bodily aches and pains
  • Decreased energy and vitality
  • Unnecessary fatigue
  • Aging starts from the inside out…not the outside in.

Avoiding physical exercise, eating a diet that primarily consists of processed foods, fast and junk foods and consuming mass quantities of white flour and refined sugar is the quick path to accelerated aging…to getting old before your time.

The human body is truly amazing in its ability to heal and it is possible to turn back the aging clock but you must address your wasting muscles, bone loss and sluggish metabolism…all changes that occur with inactivity.

Physical exercise is mandatory to feeling young. The body is a “use it or lose it” machine. It is demand-driven and adaptable living system requiring movement and muscular activity to maintain its function.

It is not meant to be sedentary and even young adults experience muscle loss if it is not being purposefully maintained. Truth is, lack of movement and challenging our bodies is divesting to the human body.

It’s time to start moving your body on a regular basis, and, as you do, your strength will improve. Do anything that requires physical motion and you’ll begin reversing any losses due to aging.

Stored fat is reduced, insulin sensitivity improves, blood pressure comes down and blood sugar levels move downward and remain and heart rate gets stronger. It’s a good thing!

You’ll not only feel physically younger, but you’ll be physiologically younger on the inside where it matters.

Not surprisingly, the key to the “fountain of youth” is hidden within us…the last place we are taught to look. Everything that is promoted and commercialized on T.V. or other mass channels is focused on the outside…but nothing we do from the outside will ever fix what’s going on inside and what’s going on inside…body and mind is all that counts.

It’s never too late to change when it comes to your health.

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