Looking to Regain Your Youthful Appearance and Vitality?

youthfulXlooksXandXantiagingThe results are in: weak, sagging flabby muscles, the result of not doing enough muscle building and maintenance activity add years to the way you look and feel.

Accelerated and premature aging is fueled by the lack of growth and repair of hormones. This automatically happens to all of us as we get older but can be slowed down considerably if we give our muscles the needed work they require.

Truth is, as we enter into our 30’s and beyond, the proteins that provide our skin with firmness and elasticity slow down and cells in and under our skin become less active and essentially “go to sleep.”

The results are not positive nor are they attractive. Our skin becomes looser, drier, and less supple and the signs of wrinkling and sagging begin to make their dreaded appearance.

Not surprisingly, proper exercise is the answer. It makes you stronger, fitter and more flexible. Added strength, endurance, stamina, balance and energy are some of the important benefits you’ll gain.

The key is to lift the muscles under the sagging body parts. Gravity plays its role perfectly by pulling body parts downwards but you can take steps to resist its influence.

Sagging butts, chest, breasts and those real problem areas…the back of your arms all benefit and shape up when toning and lifting the muscles beneath then.

Strengthening exercises like squats and dead-lifts help restore and rebuild the muscles in your thighs and butt while exercises like bench presses and other pressing type exercises help build the pectoral muscles on your chest which in turn helps lift your breasts.

Your body eventually shapes up and becomes more youthful because firm muscles take up their support positions giving you a more youthful posture and bearing.

If you are female and you’ve stayed away from muscle building exercises for fear of building too much bulk the real truth is they won’t so you need to ditch that “flimsy” excuse. In fact, you will experience just the opposite when you work hard to tone your muscles. You’ll actually sculpt and shape your body and create curves that turn heads.

When you exercise your body muscles correctly you’ll also receive another bonus/benefit: detoxification.

Detoxification is a process that forces out the potentially destructive poisons that have accumulated from chemicals that find their way into our bodies and into our cells. When our cells are cleansed of all this muck…they become more active and “alive”…they are better able to do their job of keeping you looking vibrant and youthful.

Another sweet bonus is that working out simulates circulation which shunts more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells making them happier and healthier.

Although we cannot stop Mother Nature from taking her course, the earlier you get started with your exercise program the better you are able to prepare for and fight off the aging process.

Bottom line is this: no matter how hold you are look exercise can knock off years and make you younger…and that’s the raw truth!

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