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TagingXprocesshanks to modern science, what used to be considered “science fiction” when it came to looking beautiful has now become aesthetically available to nearly anyone who wants it.

Potions, lotions, wrinkle creams, Botox and even surgery…are all used in the war against aging…some with pretty amazing results.

However, as good as it is on the outside…the real determiner of age is what’s going on inside.

You may spend thousands of dollars yearly working on how you look in the mirror…but how much time or money do you actually spend on how you feel, how your thoughts are conducted and the health of your most important organ the brain?

All the techniques used for beauty on the outside are temporary. They don’t last. Even plastic surgery to “lift” your sagging skin…will have to be redone at some point in the future.

There are ways to “beat the clock” that address what’s going on in your mind, not just your physical frame. These changes are permanent…all you need do is look after them with love.

The best way to begin any anti-aging regimen is to take a serious look at your inner health and the health of your hormones because they affect all your bodily functions including how healthy and happy your mind is.

Eat your way to a healthy mind…Mental stress is bad for your health. Mental stress kills. Anything that combats stress combats aging. They are directly related.

Proper nutrition is imperative to a stable, healthy, mental condition. Avoiding processed foods, excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol and sugar eliminates or reduces the demands made on your adrenal glands that in turn secrete cortisol (the stress hormone) when you are stressed. This in turn helps to keep your metabolism balanced and humming perfectly.

Eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables daily is key to keeping levels of vitamins A, D, C and E at adequate levels so your body can take advantage of all the antioxidants they provide. With proper amounts of these vitamins, your body is able to provide your skin with a natural type of sunscreen which helps to prevent signs of aging skin or even skin cancer.

Happy hormones: Hormones control every function in the body…they are chemical messengers sent to make sure you are functioning at optimal level. When you are stressed and your cortisol levels rise your mind gets foggy and you’ll likely gain undesirable weight. And, that’s just one example of a hormonal imbalance. There are hundreds more that affect the way your body functions and feels.

Shrink your stress: Lowering stress levels is probably the single most important thing you can do to combat aging. Chronic stress causes an increase in the amount of cortisol released. This in turn causes irritability, high blood pressure, low libido, disastrous mood swings and unwanted weight gain.

Simple techniques like deep breathing from your belly and different schools of yoga and meditation can all help to put you in the right frame of mind and release what otherwise would be damaging stress. One of the best ways to eliminate and reduce stress and boost levels of your “feel good” hormone, endorphins, is through challenging strength training type exercises or cardiovascular exercises. And, just because you are a woman is no excuse to avoid or shy away from resistance training. In fact, it’s absolutely crucial for maintaining healthy bone density and a toned appearance.

You may be able to control your physical appearance to a degree…but you must realize it’s only a mask you are wearing.

How you feel on the inside is directly linked to hormone balance and lifestyle choices and only you can control and make decisions about lifestyle choices that keep your hormones balanced, healthy and working at peak performance.

Looking good on the outside is only half the battle…the lessor half. The real battle against aging is on the inside…where the controls are.

Without a doubt, the best way to preserve your health and lay the foundation for a younger body is shifting to a healthy lifestyle…both diet and exercise so that your hormones work the way they were intended.

It’s never too late to change when it comes to your health.

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