Chronic Disease Kills

chronicXdiseaseAt one time, infectious disease took first place when it came to deaths (it is still a threat), but modern day lifestyles have given rise to chronic diseases that have now become the leading cause of deaths and disability in the US and Europe.

Even in places where infectious diseases are still rampant, chronic disease is a major cause of pre-mature death and can be considered a modern day holocaust accounting for 70% of all deaths.

What is chronic disease and what causes it? Long lasting, chronic disease is incurable but can be controlled.  Lifestyles are the primary cause of the steep rise in chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases include heart/cardiovascular disease (leads the way), lower respiratory disease/chronic lung disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and diabetes among others…all a direct result of poor living and repeated bad habits such as smoking (tobacco use contributes to many of the top killing diseases such as heart cardiovascular disease, lung disease and lung cancer), nutrient poor diet, lack of challenging exercise. Stress is a huge contributing factor as is the amount of alcohol use…once again lifestyle choices.

Along with a life of poor choices is increased “old age” as the medical profession keeps us alive longer…but not healthier…by treating the effects rather than focusing on preventing disease.

The sad truth is, non-infectious disease (non-communicable disease) is not only the leading killer of Americans it is now the leading killer of .Europeans. It has become a worldwide threat.

Chronic disease lowers the quality of life and is something we give ourselves by the way we conduct our lives, therefore, chronic disease although not curable is preventable.

Losing a job, going through a life changing event like divorce and losing a loved one are all fears we live with that are scary enough but being diagnosed with a chronic disease or finding out that a loved one has been diagnosed  easily trumps these in regards to the fear factor.

Cardiovascular disease (nearly half of those who suffer a heart attack never make it to the hospital) is the leader of chronic disease related deaths killing as one in every three deaths is attributed to this deadly killer.

Cancer is right behind cardiovascular disease for deaths as it affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women during their lifetimes. A startling statistic and truly frightening prospect to consider is that cancer in some form will attack 40 percent of us.

Chronic diseases are not part of the aging process and they do not just “happen. They are the “result of” damaging habits and destructive thoughts that over time steal away vital life and leave us with a “shell of living” at best.

The body operates like any other machine does. There are principles/rules that must be adhered to. When it is operated correctly and given the right resources it responds with health and vitality when it is short-changed what is required for it to function properly, it breaks down and chronic disease it the result.

Remember, it is much easier to prevent a disease than treat a disease.

Chronic disease does not have to destroy your body and your life but you have to step to the plate and take control now.

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