Strong and Powerful Legs are “Fat-burning” Furnaces…

liftModern schedules are demanding these days and getting the most out of every workout put in, in the shortest time possible is of major importance to most people.

One of the best way to increase the effectiveness of every workout you perform while decreasing the time spent is to include the “big muscles” of the lower body…the powerhouse muscles that sport a healthy metabolism.

The vast majority of people are simply not aware of the potential of these “fat-burning” furnaces. 

They don’t realize how strong and powerful their legs can be even without bulking them up with excess muscle.

Furthermore, many people…especially women, have an unwarranted fear of adding bulk to their legs by exercising them directly. Often times they already carry a higher amount of body fat in this area and therefore they immediately become afraid they will make their legs even larger.

This is a totally unwarranted fear. Unless you are extreme training as a professional body builder, being female will actually protect you from adding bulk because women simply do not have the level of testosterone, the hormone necessary to build big bulky muscles.

The only way you can build real muscular bulk in your legs is to completely give yourself over to the notion that the only thing you care about is training and more training to build massive muscles there. And, since we know you are not going to do that, you don’t have to worry about bulking up your legs or lower body.

Once you begin to incorporate lots of quality and challenging leg exercises like squats and dead-lifts into your routines there will likely be some toning of the muscle before you start to lose fat around, on top of, and on the inside of the muscles and you may notice a slight increase in your leg size. But this is temporary and is indicative of something more important and permanent taking place within you.

Once the fat is burned off in these areas, you’ll not only notice your tight, slender legs but along with them you’ll notice your firmer, shapelier, leaner overall appearance.

This new body and appearance is directly related to the entire muscular system becoming more metabolically active causing your body to burn fat every minute of every day…even when you are not active…a very sweet bonus.

However, this sweet bonus…this “after burn” effect must be earned. Only proper strength training exercise offers this kind of metabolic bonus…and that is the real secret to permanent weight loss and overall health and wellness.

Bear in mind, we must all play by nature’s rules which do not allow us to naturally “spot reduce” fat from a particular part of our body. Losing excess fat weight is the same for all of us, it comes off from all over the entire body…no matter what body part is being trained.

In other words, spot training your legs will not cause you to lose fat only from just your legs. Genetics must be considered also as it plays a role in regulating what fat stores are used up for energy in in what order.

Increasing the strength and endurance of your legs leads to greater physical activity throughout your day because you are able to move around easier. In the end, you end up burning more calories too.

Remember, strong legs are shapely legs. You can’t have one without the other. Truth is, stronger legs may indeed be the real secret to staying slim.

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