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postureThe importance of proper posture for overall health and fitness is often mistakenly overlooked by fitness enthusiasts and fitness advisers alike.

Truth is, without good posture you cannot really be physically fit.

What is good posture and why is it so important?

Posture refers to the body’s positioning and alignment in respect to the force of gravity. Whether sitting, standing, or lying down gravity exerts a force on our ligaments, muscles, and joints. Good posture requires us to distribute the force of gravity throughout the body so no one structure is overstressed.

The main cause of poor posture is weak “core” muscles from years of sitting in a hunched position. Other various environmental factors or bad habits come into play too.

Unfortunately, a progression of symptoms in the average adult is caused by a lifetime of poor posture. It’s common for those aging to experience a shift in posture as the head and shoulders shift forwards, the chest curls inwards and the spine crunches from a healthy S-curve to the less healthy C-position as the pelvis tilts forward. It is common…but not necessary nor is it part of the aging process.

A good level of strength in all the body’s muscles is needed in order to improve posture and demand that the leg, hip and back bones stand at attention and stay put where they belong and to protect the spinal column and keeps body weight from weighing down on the vertebrae, compressing and squashing the fragile spinal discs.

Poor postures results in:

Fatigue: Your muscles have to work hard just to hold you up if you have poor posture. You waste energy just moving, leaving you without the needed extra energy you need to feel good.

Achy Muscles: Tight achy muscles in the neck, back, arms and legs along with a change in your muscles and ligaments. At this stage, you’ll likely have a stiff, tight painful feeling.

Joint stiffness and pain: Poor posture and limited mobility as we get older increase the likelihood that “wear and tear” arthritis or what is also termed degenerative osteoarthritis will set in.

Chronic Back Pain: Most cases of chronic back pain can be traced back to years of incorrect postural habits.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” and for many that weak link is the mid-section which includes the lower back and abdominal muscles even though the mid-section is the possibly the worst possible area on your body to have a weak link because it supports most of the weight of the body.

When the “core” muscles are allowed to grow weak, you lose the supporting and stabilizing tone of the back and spine muscles and your posture begins to take on an aged look. No matter how hard you’ll try and appear youthful, your sagging posture tells a different story.

Sitting for long periods of time (how many people work sitting in front of a computer these days?) and avoiding proper exercise is the perfect recipe for back, neck and hip pain that will only increase as time goes by. It is also conducive to a much “older body” both in looks and the way it feels.

Good posture does more to keep you youthful looking than all the face-lifts or Botox combined could do. Not only will you appear younger, but inside your bones will be stronger and healthier. Good posture is a way of doing things with more energy but less stress and fatigue.

Bottom line is this: not only is it imperative that you eat healthy foods but…

Proper strength training exercise is key to keeping your muscles and bones strong and your posture “young.”

All my products support a whole body approach that supports both the body and the mind, so if you are srious about achieving a truly healthy lifestyle, one of youth and vitality check out: “Reclaim Your Longevity.”

It will absolutely help you in every area of your life to stay as young, healthy and vibrant as possible.


  1. Dear Carolyne,
    Many thanks for so many very valuable articles and books on health and exercise. I have downloaded and read many and they have made a positive impact on my life. I am now 79 years of age but do certainly not feel that old.

    I am certain that you have, with your publications, had and will still have a positive impact on a lot of people.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Bruno Illi

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