True Wealth is Defined by Health


Wealth without health is useless. You need health in order to successfully make use of the any greatness you’ve achieved. That means being mobile physically and sharp mentally long into your senior years.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to travel, discover or explore the world when confined to a wheel chair or bed ridden – no matter how much money you have in the bank. Without mobility, simple pleasures like playing with your grand-kids become a major challenge. Without clarity of mind, you won’t be able to think clearly. You may consider yourself financially rich but you won’t have a wealthy life.

The reality is, without good health everything in life is diminished.

Research by Dr. Dean Ornish and team from the University of California, San Francisco revealed that “a program of healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction can not only reverse some diseases – it may actually slow down the aging process at the genetic level.”

It’s all comes down to lifestyle and daily habits…ones that contribute to health or subtract from it.


Positive Lifestyle Habits for the Body


Adequate sleep – most people have no idea how important a good night’s sleep is to their ongoing health levels. A solid 7-8 hours’ sleep for most people is adequate, but if needed grab a short nap during the day to revive yourself.

Challenging physical activity – lean, strong muscle tissue is the key to keeping hormones balanced and humming effectively, avoiding disease and keeping the skeletal system strong.

Dark leafy vegetables – diet should include generous amounts of these nutrient dense foods along with fresh fruits, healthy fats, quality proteins and whole grains.

Deep breathing and stretching – keeps joints flexible and the body oxygenated.

Water – at least 8 glasses of fresh water as pure as we can get it should be the minimum adding more when working out. Water is what makes all the systems within our bodies work. Dehydration is a silent but damaging killer.

Focus on healthy fats – and elimination of unhealthy ones along with processed sugars and processed and preservative laden foods.

Elimination of damaging habits – smoking is destructive to the body and muddles the mind.

Positive Lifestyle Habits for the Mind


Cognitive training – cognitive skills are key to optimal mental health. Cognitive training in the way of memory, reasoning or speed of processing exercises creates a winning combination. Remember, the brain is a muscle and like any other muscle in the body. It must be used if it is to stay sharp. Incorporate activities that challenge the thinking process. Exercise also comes into play. Those who exercise weekly maintain their cognitive functions better than those who don’t.

Additionally, you can also start a new hobby that will stimulate your thinking process or learn a new language. How about writing your memoir?

Social interaction – We are by nature, social creatures. Maintaining close-knit human bonds also helps to preserve cognitive functions later in life. Take on a part-time job or volunteer someplace. You’ll not only fill your “social requirement” but your heart will feel good too. Maintaining strong family ties is another important factor that contributes positively to our longevity.

The challenges that arise in your senior years can be anticipated and planned for by making smart decisions now – those that contribute to your ultimate goal of healthy longevity.

All my products support a whole body approach that supports both the body and the mind. If you are serious about achieving a truly healthy lifestyle, one of youth and vitality – “Reclaim Your Longevity” was created for you.

It will absolutely help you in every area of your life to stay as young, healthy and vibrant as possible.

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