Make Your Muscles Stronger and Rekindle Your ManHood

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dozens of other physical afflictions are threatening us in ways never seen in the history of humankind.

Unfortunately, this especially applies to the overall health of our men. Compared to women, men are more at risk for big killer diseases like heart disease and cancer and are twice as likely to keel over.

Many men (women also) have fallen victim to the “disuse syndrome” of the modern world.

The result is that precious muscle tissue is being siphoned from the body, taking overall body strength and slowly downgrading health. This loss of muscle tissue causes them to age faster than necessary.

Millions of men worldwide are suffering from the effects of our modern environment and healthy testosterone levels, essential to male health, are declining at alarming rates.

Male “health issues” effected are:

Muscle, bone and joint pain and conditions

Fatigue and depression

Physical weakness

Over fat and under muscled

Swollen prostate problems

Dwindling mental capacity

Low sex-drive

Sperm counts are going down across the globe. It seems that erectile dysfunction has become the accepted norm for middle-aged men.

Bottom line is waistlines are expanding while penises and libidos shrink. Firm has become soft and tight has become loose. Strength, endurance and power are slowly disappearing.

This sad condition barely existed just 15 years ago, yet today feeds billions of dollars into pharmaceutical companies.

Low testosterone is associated with numerous maladies and a decreased quality of life. If you are male, consistently tired, flat and even feel “down in the dumps” a lot then your testosterone levels are likely suffering.

Hormones are nothing to be messing with. They are powerful and determine how fast or slow we age, how strong and fit we are and whether we become overweight or remain slim, or stay well or succumb to disease.

The primary causes of testosterone loss are two-fold.

Not surprisingly, the big one and the one we have the most control over is our level of physical activity.

Being sedentary is a sure-fire way to kiss testosterone, the essential male hormone goodbye.

The other cause is harder for us to control individually…it involves exposure to the many toxins in our environment that have chemical structure that closely resembles estrogen – the female hormone.

These “estrogen impostors” travel through the body and attach themselves to estrogen receptors in your organs, cells and tissues and then send out instructions that start to break down and feminize the body.

Year of damage that these impostors inflict damage and cause your “get up and go” to begin to evaporate, your belly and face become bloated and your once very healthy sex drive begins to fade away. This eventually leads towards more lethargy and disease.

The good news is, even if you have already entered middle age or even older still, it’s never too late to make positive changes. You can regain the strength and muscle mass of younger days, get your hormones humming and watch your excess body fat melt away as your toned muscles appear.

Make Exercise a Priority

Without enough muscle building and maintaining activity a man’s musculature eventually is reduced by up to 50 percent. This eventually puts him in a nursing home – frail, disabled and unable to take care of himself.

If your health account is currently overdrawn, don’t lose hope. You can dig yourself out of health debt. It requires making more deposits than withdrawals over time – the same way the money in your bank account grows.

You must shift your perspective. Exercise must no longer be thought of as a frivolous pastime but as a top priority because it is a form of preventative medicine.

It’s all about taking responsibility. Bodies were designed to be  active, very active and our modern world has conspired to remove that activity, it’s up to us to consciously replace it with intentional exercise if we want to maintain a healthy body.

Diminished muscle strength and mass effects more than our looks.  It is seriously linked to declines in the immune system which opens the door to life-threatening disease not to mention weaker bones, stiffer joints and slumping postures.

Strength training is key.

If you can only do one type of exercise variation, resistance training should be your number one choice. It is the one exercise that will make all your muscles stronger, boost your immune system and is empowered to restore your manhood.

Everything you need to know to slow down and even reverse the aging clock can be found in my anti-aging library of help: “Reclaim Your Longevity.”

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