The Key to Healthy Longevity is Movement…

seniorXexercisingGetting older is definitely a privilege that many are denied. But it also comes with a set of challenges.

Aging graciously requires enduring transformation that continually improves one’s physical health.

There is only one antidote for aging and that is “movement.” Lack of movement is devastating to the human body.

Nursing homes are filled will people that are bedridden and bedridden people experience a loss of muscle mass and strength, flexibility, bone strength and density along with many unseen effects such as reduced organ function (slowing its activity)…all within a short span of time.

Aging is no different. If we are not moving our bodies then they are silently “wasting” away from lack of use.

We must understand that the body is a “machine” a divine machine and as a machine it must be used properly or it will rust and decay just as a car that has been sitting without being used…without being loved turns to rust and decay, it atrophies.

Cars are meant to move and serve…just as your body is meant to move and serve. They are demand-driven, adaptable living systems that require movement and muscular activity to maintain healthy function.

The keyword here is “movement”…

The formula is simple: “Start moving and your ability to move will improve.”

Lift weights, do yoga and stretching exercises, play challenging physical games, dance your heart away, power walk or run and watch your body reverse losses due to aging as it automatically improves.

Along with the ability to move better, many other changes will be taking place. Blood sugar levels regulate downward and remain more stable, stored fat is reduced, insulin sensitivity improves, blood pressure comes down and the heart gets stronger.

Even your vascular system gets into the act as it starts building collateral arteries around blocked vessels improving blood flow to your heart and other organs as well. Your immune system gets stronger…you’ll heal faster and recover quicker and your metabolic rate increases thereby burning more calories and producing more energy.

You’ll not only feel younger, but you’ll be physiologically younger on the inside too.

Movement…ala proper exercise, slows and even reverses many components of the aging process and is probably the single most effective way to lengthen life…it is the closest thing to an anti-aging pill and it’s free!

If you really want to benefit and reverse the aging process then regular strength training…strengthening those muscles and bones is the most effective thing you can do to shift the biomarkers that effect how young you look and more importantly how young you feel.

Muscles are the engine of the body. It is where energy is released and power is produced…it is where movement originates.

Simply increasing the demands on the muscular skeletal system causes the body to respond by maintaining stronger muscles and bones.

Truth is, strength in muscles and bones as we age is not an option…it is mandatory and necessary for longevity and health. Increasing strength is the proven way to make the aging process turn around at the genetic levels within the cells.

Those who age well seem to be far younger in years, retain lean tissue mass and have a longer “quality” of life with fewer illnesses and better overall mental functioning.

So, what are you waiting for? Get moving…

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