Chronic Disease Cuts Life Short…

heartXattackAccording to a 50 year study, disease cuts many lives short. For the most part, three big ones – heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke are preventable diseases yet these three diseases alone cut many lives short by decades.

The really sad thing is, these diseases as well as other diseases can easily be prevented by adopting simple healthy lifestyle habits.

People get ill because they do not follow the “laws of Nature” when living.

Their bodies become toxic and this type of self-poisoning causes disease. Eating nutritionally rich foods, exercising regularly, avoiding habits that kill such as smoking and drinking too much as well as keeping weight under control all contribute to life expectancy.


Longevity Study

For example: The study revealed that men 60 years of age that had two of these cardio-metabolic conditions would on average lose about 12 years of life expectancy and men with all three conditions, heart disease, stroke and diabetes would lose at least 14 years off their lives. Corresponding figures for women under the same conditions would lose 13 years and 16 years respectively.

Patients younger than 60 produced even more dramatic results. Men with all 3 conditions lost approximately 23 years of life and women under the same conditions experience a 20 year loss of life.

That’s a lot of living and enjoying family, friends and experiences that these unfortunate people never see.


Weight Matters

Another study found a reduction in life expectancy for obese people (6% of the U.S. population is currently obese and the numbers are growing). When compared to those who weight is normal, extremely obese people succumb much easier to heart disease, cancer (prevalent in the obese are breast, pancreas, colon, kidney ovaries, thyroid, esophagus, and gall bladder cancer) and diabetes. The years that an obese person loses is comparable to someone who smokes, and sadly, as an obese condition worsens, their lifespans come in even below that of smokers.

Each additional chronic condition contracted actually reduces lifespans by 1.8 years.

All these conditions contribute to increasing healthcare costs.


Don’t take your health for granted

Truth is, life expectancy in the U.S. has not risen as quickly as other parts of the world. Nearly 4 in 5 Americans live with multiple chronic conditions, in fact, 60% of adults 67 or older in the U.S. have three or more of these diseases!

Preventing chronic disease is the only way to continue to improve life expectancy.

Becoming “aware” is the first step to avoiding these conditions. Don’t take your health for granted. Everyone needs to be thinking about their health now and not wait until one or more of these diseases kick in and steal away their precious years.

It’s time to take stock of your life and make the lifestyle changes needed so that you can enjoy the life you were put here to enjoy – every year of it.

Bottom line is this: a big part of the equation to living a long healthy life is avoiding disease. Good health is the normal state; disease is abnormal. Even if you don’t have a personal goal to reach the golden age of 100 wouldn’t you like to be enjoying the days you have?

It’s not just about living…it’s about the quality of life while you are living. You are truly in control.

The rewards for being fit and healthy each and every hour of the day is that you get to enjoy the freedoms of a healthy body that won’t hold you back simply because you are getting older.

Everything you need to know to slow down and even reversing the aging clock can be found in my anti-aging library of help: “Reclaim Your Longevity.” 

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