Nutrition counts – 4 Anti-Aging Secrets

There are certain issues related to nutrition that when present accelerate the aging process. Learn what these are will help you to avoid them.

Lack of Anti-oxidants

If there’s one thing that your diet needs in order to combat the aging process it’s – plenty of antioxidants.

So, what exactly are antioxidants and why are they important?

Every day we encounter a number of toxic substances either in the air we are breathing or because of the unhealthy and unnatural substances we eat. As these stressors take place, they slowly but surely break the body down and antioxidants are the warriors that help to defy this process.

Antioxidants serve to neutralize free radicals that would otherwise lead to oxidative damage thus helping to improve your health significantly. They help combat disease such as heart disease and cancer, keep our skin, hair and nails looking their best and have us feeling more energized and healthy on a day to day basis.

Where can we get these antioxidants?

The best way to ensure you are getting the antioxidants your body needs is through a steady intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The more nutrient dense the foods are that you eat, the higher your antioxidant intake will be. Other foods such as nuts and some oils also contain antioxidants but they don’t offer the level of antioxidants that you get from fresh produce.

Anti-aging secret #1 –

Consume as many organic fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. You cannot eat too many of these wonderful foods.

Over consumption of Sugar –

If you intend on stopping the hands of time, you need to reduce your intake of sugar. Although most people are better about not eating table sugar, sugar hides everywhere and excess sugar still finds a way into their diet. Today’s foods are loaded with this sweet tempting substance and taste buds are now so desensitized to the natural taste of food that we sugar to feel satisfied. The problem is, we don’t realize how much sugar is going in until we are struck down with diabetes or we have packed on a whopping 10-20 extra pounds.

In order to avoid taking in too much sugar you must learn to read labels.

So, why is sugar so bad?

Sugar accelerates the aging process by placing great stress and strain on your body. When you take in sugar your blood glucose levels spike. As a result, your body releases a huge hit of insulin from your pancreas. This insulin goes in and sucks the excess glucose up out of the blood stream helping to bring your blood glucose levels back down.

Where does this glucose go?

Straight to your body fat cells most times. Short of finishing an intense workout program (in which case, they’ll be shuttle towards your muscle cells) that excess sugar goes to your body fat stores. This excess body fat now puts you are high risk for a number of age related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Since sugar contains no nutrients, you won’t be getting any antioxidants. Filling your diet up with sugar causes you to miss out on the nutrition that would otherwise keep you as healthy as possible.

You’re only allowed so many calories daily so make sure those calories count!

Anti-aging secret #2 –

Eliminate as many added sugars from your diet as possible.

High Intake of Trans-Fats – 

Man-made fats are designed to increase the shelf-life of the food products you consume.  Manufacturers do this to add texture and taste to the foods you are consuming. For many consumers, trans-fats can be very addicting and hard to stop eating. Foods like cakes, cookies, pastries, frozen foods, deep fried food and other heavily processed foods that are rick in dietary fat.

Look to fill your diet up with an abundance of fats that contain an abundance of healthy vitamins and minerals and work to prevent disease. Olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, avocados, fatty varieties of fresh fish, flax-seed, nuts and nut butter as well as coconut oil based products are all good choices.

Anti-aging secret #3

Avoid trans fats at all costs, instead replace them with unsaturated fats, omega fats and medium chain triglycerides.

Insufficient Quality Protein Intake – 

If you have insufficient intake of quality protein you are accelerating the aging process because protein is the major player when it comes to tissue repair and rebuilding and essential for keeping your body functioning at it s best. Without the proper amount of quality protein in your diet, your body won’t have the necessary raw materials it needs to generate new cells and hormones necessary to keep all systems in your body functioning properly and for generating lean muscle mass that keeps you active and able to excite physically as you should.

For best results, focus on getting at least 1 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. The best forms of protein are chicken breast, turkey breast , lean red met (in moderation), fish, and seafood, low-fat dairy products as well as whey or nondairy protein powder.

Anti-aging secret #4 –

Focus on getting sufficient quality protein into your day, aim for at least 1 gram per pound of body weight and choose lean sources of both animal and non-animal based protein daily.

When you put the right fuel, raw materials and nutrients into your body, it goes a long way towards ensuring that you are looking and feeling your best.

As you consciously, with effort, develop these positive habits, you strengthen your inner resources, reinforcing all healthy habits and propelling yourself towards real health, real growth and real success.

Everything you need to know to slow down and even reverse the aging clock can be found in my anti-aging library of help: “Reclaim Your Longevity.”

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