True Wealth is Defined by Health


Wealth without health is useless. You need health in order to successfully make use of the any greatness you’ve achieved. That means being mobile physically and sharp mentally long into your senior years.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to travel, discover or explore the world when confined to a wheel chair or bed ridden – no matter how much money you have in the bank. Without mobility, simple pleasures like playing with your grand-kids become a major challenge. Without clarity of mind, you won’t be able to think clearly. You may consider yourself financially rich but you won’t have a wealthy life.

The reality is, without good health everything in life is diminished.

Research by Dr. Dean Ornish and team from the University of California, San Francisco revealed that “a program of healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction can not only reverse some diseases – it may actually slow down the aging process at the genetic level.”

It’s all comes down to lifestyle and daily habits…ones that contribute to health or subtract from it.


Positive Lifestyle Habits for the Body


Adequate sleep – most people have no idea how important a good night’s sleep is to their ongoing health levels. A solid 7-8 hours’ sleep for most people is adequate, but if needed grab a short nap during the day to revive yourself.

Challenging physical activity – lean, strong muscle tissue is the key to keeping hormones balanced and humming effectively, avoiding disease and keeping the skeletal system strong.

Dark leafy vegetables – diet should include generous amounts of these nutrient dense foods along with fresh fruits, healthy fats, quality proteins and whole grains.

Deep breathing and stretching – keeps joints flexible and the body oxygenated.

Water – at least 8 glasses of fresh water as pure as we can get it should be the minimum adding more when working out. Water is what makes all the systems within our bodies work. Dehydration is a silent but damaging killer.

Focus on healthy fats – and elimination of unhealthy ones along with processed sugars and processed and preservative laden foods.

Elimination of damaging habits – smoking is destructive to the body and muddles the mind.

Positive Lifestyle Habits for the Mind


Cognitive training – cognitive skills are key to optimal mental health. Cognitive training in the way of memory, reasoning or speed of processing exercises creates a winning combination. Remember, the brain is a muscle and like any other muscle in the body. It must be used if it is to stay sharp. Incorporate activities that challenge the thinking process. Exercise also comes into play. Those who exercise weekly maintain their cognitive functions better than those who don’t.

Additionally, you can also start a new hobby that will stimulate your thinking process or learn a new language. How about writing your memoir?

Social interaction – We are by nature, social creatures. Maintaining close-knit human bonds also helps to preserve cognitive functions later in life. Take on a part-time job or volunteer someplace. You’ll not only fill your “social requirement” but your heart will feel good too. Maintaining strong family ties is another important factor that contributes positively to our longevity.

The challenges that arise in your senior years can be anticipated and planned for by making smart decisions now – those that contribute to your ultimate goal of healthy longevity.

All my products support a whole body approach that supports both the body and the mind. If you are serious about achieving a truly healthy lifestyle, one of youth and vitality – “Reclaim Your Longevity” was created for you.

It will absolutely help you in every area of your life to stay as young, healthy and vibrant as possible.

Weight Gain and Lack of Sleep…


Studies prove that lack of sleep shaves years (and joy) off your life. Not a good thing!

But lost years are not the only thing that lack of sleep affects.

If you are currently gaining weight and can’t figure out why or maybe you’re just have difficulty erasing those extra pounds and you have not considered your sleep patterns, it’s time you did.

Believe it or not, the solution to your weight loss issues could be as simple as regulating your sleep patterns.

Studies prove that sleep or lack thereof plays a primary role in weight gain. In fact, science is proving that “sleep is probably the most important thing a person can do if they’re ready to start a diet and lose weight.”

One such research study showed that women who only sleep 5 hours nightly gain weight more dramatically than those who get at least 7 hours sleep.


Cortisol – Cortisol is the hormone that regulates the appetite and sleep deprivation is believed to affect the amount of Cortisol our bodies secrete. Lack of sleep can cause someone to feel hungry when they aren’t because of the way the metabolism reacts.

Sedentary lifestyle – Less active during the day usually equates to lack of sleep at night. Sleep is supposed to rejuvenate a tired body but if your body is sedentary during waking hours you’ll have difficulty falling asleep and remaining asleep.

Emotions – Emotions become chaotic and affected with lack of sleep and it’s not unusual to experience sudden bouts of depression, frustration and anger. Insomnia breeds crankiness and mind confusion those who don’t sleep do not have clarity of mind. They don’t think clearly – not the best mental conditions for losing weight and keeping it off.

With the proper amount of sleep, dieting and weight-loss is easier and focus and clarity are sharp. Your cognitive functions (reactions times, decision making and memory) will improve and you’ll be able to hone in on the important aspects of your life.

Truth is, weight loss and maintaining weight loss only works when both the body and the mind are working in unity with one another.

Motivation is another key element to losing weight and keeping it off. It takes a hefty dose of motivation in order to focus on and achieve your goals. If you are sleep deprived your motivation suffers causing your weight-loss to suffer too.

If you simply turn to medications to make your lack of sleep go away, you’ll be treading in dangerous territory and likely make your problem worse. It’s simply a temporary band-aid that solves nothing.

There are rituals that you can adopt that will help your system to unwind and slow down. A nice hot bath as well as writing or reading can all help prepare your body for sleep. You’ll also sleep better by reducing the stress in your life because less sleep equates to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol being released – increasing your appetite. If your mind is weak from lack of sleep, your will power will be also, leaving you open to choosing non-healthy foods over healthy ones. Stress also has a tendency to get the mind in high gear…so, avoid anything that might keep your mind in “alert status.”

Computers and all back-lit devices can also be a culprit to a good night’s sleep by affecting the release of the hormone melatonin. So, try and keep your electronic devices out of or away from your bedroom.

It doesn’t take a lot of sleep loss to affect your weight in a negative way. Just 30 minutes of lost sleep can actually cause you to be more likely to gain weight.

So, if you want “sleep like a baby” and remove that excess stubborn body weight give your body the nutrition it needs, get the required physical exercise your body is craving during the day, crank up a nice warm bath at night and crawl into bed with a good book.

The rewards for being fit and healthy during the day is a good nights sleep at night. 

Everything you need to know to slow down and even reversing the aging clock can be found in my anti-aging library of help: “Reclaim Your Longevity.” 

Get Healthier by Improving Blood Circulation…

heartXbloodXcirculationThe bloodstream or cardiovascular system that circulates throughout our bodies is a transport system for delivering oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other important elements to our cells, our skin, vital organs and brains.

It plays a vital role in our overall health and anyone who suffers with poor blood circulation will have difficulty performing athletically, yet performing athletically (movement) is exactly what is needed to get circulation moving again.

Lack of proper exercise and nutritionally poor diets (those containing Trans fats, too much alcohol and/or sugar intake) are two major contributors to poor blood flow/poor circulation.

Simple things like sitting too long in one stretch leads to poor blood circulation and anyone who has had to work a computer for hours on end can attest to that fact. Unfortunately these numbers are climbing with technology feeding our brains but robbing our bodies.

You could think of the bodies circulatory system as a system of rivers and its tributaries. When water is flowing freely through a river and its offspring (tributaries etc.) the eco system and all around is healthy and flourishing. Your veins and arteries are those rivers and their offspring is a diverse system of blood circulation through different types of “vessels.” If you don’t keep the blood circulating throughout these systems, if any area is denied “blood” things stagnate, dry up and die just like a rivers tributaries would if denied their life-force of water.

Studies have shown that cardiovascular disease is twice as likely to occur in those who are sedentary than those who that lead active lifestyles.

You “gotta” get your blood flowing!

Healthy blood flow is what increases oxygen to all your muscles and helps to remove unneeded waste. For most people, proper exercise is the simple answer to ensuring they have good blood flow to both their bodies and their brains.

Not only do we get a boost in oxygen to our muscles when exercising, but proper exercise releases our “feel good” endorphin’s (our natural pain-killers) so we experience an over-all sense of well-being and moments of euphoria – a sweet little bonus.

There are a variety of exercises that can be used to increase blood flow, boost oxygen and remove waste.

Stretching exercises are the perfect place to start and the perfect way to start your day – especially for anyone who presently struggles with strenuous activity. But, struggle or not, stretching is good for everyone. It pushes the blood and life-force throughout the circulatory system and is something everyone should be doing to some degree.

When stretching, begin slowly and only increase the speed of your stretching movements as you get used to them. Once you are, speed them up to increase your heart rate but keep your movement’s fluid to avoid hurting yourself by pulling a muscle.

Go for a walk. Walking is good for everyone and there’s no replacing fresh air when it comes to getting healthy. If possible take a nice long walk outside. It increases the oxygen, glucose and blood circulation to your body and brain and is great for increasing memory retention.

Jogging rather than walking will increase blood flow to the lungs, muscles and brain even more efficiently while giving you the added benefits of a toned body.

Yoga – all types of yoga – it’s all good. Find what fits you.

Strength training/resistance exercises are, not surprising the ideal exercise. Studies reveal that resistance exercise (bench presses, lunges, squats, etc.) provide an even greater increase in circulation throughout the body than aerobic type exercises so yet another great reason to make strength training part of your routine.

Added benefit: Regular exercise improves the blood flow in the small vessels that surround the heart so you’ll not only be improving your over-all health and fitness but you’ll be strengthening your heart at the same time.



Don’t forget your diet.

Tap into the power of your diet to help improve circulation by eating more super-foods – those that contain “good fats,” and provide us with antioxidant power and inflammatory properties. Spinach, avocados, oranges, cayenne pepper, Chia and Flax Seeds, garlic, super nuts, and the variety of power berries such as black berries are all known to help circulation along, and that’s just the short list.

Give your blood a workout. Once you “get going,” your circulatory system “gets going” to keep up with you.

* Everything you need to know to slow down and even reverse the aging clock can be found in my anti-aging library of help: “Reclaim Your Longevity.”

Own Your Health and Fitness with Priority Status


The priorities we place on everyday tasks and activities and the values we associate with each one of them is determined by the programs running in our minds…our “mind software.”

For better or worse, truth is, our deep-seated food and exercise related values and priorities effectively run our lives.

Engaging in regular, proper exercise (strength training), and enjoying quality live foods (non-processed) are two behaviors that are vital to losing weight, keeping it off and maintaining and enjoying better health for years to come.



With this in mind, the first thing we must address if we want to shift our lives towards stellar health and fitness is to examine how much value and priority we have placed on these two important behaviors.

If our bodies become overweight or unhealthy the likely cause is that we have not placed enough value on lifestyle behaviors (our eating and exercise habits) that would otherwise keep us fit and healthy and these low priorities reflect in our actions or lack thereof.


Truth is, if you hope to live a long productive life and dance into your nineties you are going to have to place high priorities and high values on what you eat now and how much exercise you get now in order to stay strong well into the future.


Nearly 90 percent of the work required to shift your life towards stellar health and fitness is done on the inside first, however, it doesn’t stop there…you must follow through with physical action…they work hand-in-hand to get the job done.

When we make a conscious effort to increase our health values, the ideas of healthier eating and regular proper exercise automatically move up a few notches in our value system and our beliefs and perceptions begin to shift.

Additionally, the better care we take of ourselves the higher our motivation levels climb as well until one day they become unstoppable.

Once your mind is aligned with your goals and your beliefs and perceptions are working with you…not against you then “follow through” with action becomes much easier to perform.


It doesn’t matter what sort of beliefs you may or may not have about your after-life. The only thing that matters is what you are actively doing to enjoy the life you are in.



You are either actively participating in helping yourself to achieve health and fitness or you are contributing to its neglect.

Let’s get real. Deep down you already know that eating a balanced diet of high quality whole foods, drinking the freshest, cleanest water you can find and engaging in regular challenging exercise is the key to stellar health, preventing disease and dancing into your nineties.

So, what are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made health a priority in your life before. Don’t look back…focus in the now and do it today. Refuse to settle for less…know that your perceptions and beliefs are dictating your value system and your priorities and they in turn are dictating how you direct your life.

It all begins with you. No one can place health and fitness at the top of your priority list but you. You must own your health and fitness in your mind first and when you do, your actions and your life will automatically reflect this.

Soon you’ll be doing it effortlessly and getting healthier by the day.

If you are serious about achieving a truly healthy lifestyle that will take care of you long into your senior years visit “Reclaim Your Longevity” .

Everything you need to live a long healthy life…dancing well into your senior years is included in this program that is geared towards helping you to find the “fountain of youth.”

Your Genes Do Not Determine Your Health and Longevity



Genes have become the “fall guy.” They are the “go to” excuse for disease, disability and eventually death.

Truth is, genes are not the final determining factor of your level of health and longevity.

It is imperative to understand that it is normal for the body to be healthy and well.

Research and ongoing studies continue to reveal that genes are influenced by their environment…and that environment is quite simply…you!



The way you conduct your life on a daily basis in terms of how much exercise you get, what types of food/fuel you feed your body, your sleep patterns, stress levels and other habits actually change the environment of your genes and that in turn changes what they do.

Which ones are switched on and which ones are switched off is totally influenced by you and the environment inside your body.

For example, certain genes can actually make you prone to inflammation which damages cells, tissues and organs and hastens the aging process which is the gradual deterioration and degeneration of function at the cellular and organ level and oxidation which is a process akin to “rusting” of the body.

It really does not matter much what your current health condition is at the moment. The only thing that matters is that you do have the power to build a strong, healthy body that provides optimal disease protection by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. This empowers you to give your DNA a makeover, a second chance of sorts. You begin to shift your life away from disease rather than attracting it.



The keyword here is “you.” You must stop looking outside of yourself for solutions to issues that can only be permanently solved within…your mindset, your beliefs, your perceptions and your actions. Health-care is really only “self-care.” Only you can build that powerhouse body…one that is strong, fit and lean. A vibrant, healthy body with optimal disease protection.

Don’t wait for disease to set in…be proactive and take actions steps to improve your health every day; take time to exercise and feed your body the right fuel so that your immune system is working at peak performance. The focus needs to be you…not anything outside of you.

You can reshuffle your genetic deck in your favor with healthy behaviors and reduce the likelihood of a bad outcome reducing your disease risk by a whopping 80 percent. You are the empowered one…not the doctor, nor the supplement. Neither can come close to offering you such powerful results.

You do have the ability to be disease proof and add years of quality living to your lifespan, but you must embrace and learn certain skills. However once you learn those skills you have them for life.

Take back control and quit giving your power away to “shiny objects” outside of yourself that are temporary “Band-Aids” at best and give yourself the gift of life instead. It’s time to commit to making the proper changes needed to fully protect yourself from preventable “lifestyle” diseases and reap the benefits of health and longevity.

The combination of extended years and more life in those years is truly the best gift you can give yourself.

It really is the “gift that keeps on giving.”

No one will ever care as much as you do about your own health, vitality and well-being. Remember, it is far easier to keep good health than try and recover it after it is lost. Make this your motto and remind yourself of this fact every day.

Focus on living up to your full potential to optimize your health and wellness regardless of age…rather than trying to run from inevitable disease.

Now is the time to take command of your life to avoid disease somewhere down the road.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

For more tools and resources from Carolyn Hansen to assist you in attaining your health and fitness goals and achieving the success you desire in life, please visit:

Carolyn Hansen Fitness

Isn’t it time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to stay healthy and fit long into your senior years?

Strive Only to be the Best YOU Can Be…

color2Are you constantly using others as a bench mark for setting your own goals?

If so, you are treading in dangerous territory. It’s a habit that needs to change.

Allowing others to dictate what it is that you are going after in your own life will have a significant influence on your positive outlook because you are putting your success or failure on something that is out of your own control. [Read more…]

Your “Gene-ie” Within…

Genes have become the “fall guy.” They are the “go to” excuse for disease, disability and eventually death.

Truth is, genes do not determine your level of health and longevity. It is imperative to understand that it is normal to be healthy and well. Research and ongoing studies continue to reveal that genes are influenced by their environment…and that environment is quite simply…you!


Lifestyles Matter! 


The way you conduct your life on a daily basis in terms of how much exercise you get, what types of food/fuel you feed your body, your sleep patterns, stress levels and other habits actually change the environment of your genes and that in turn changes what they do. [Read more…]

Healthy Self-Esteem Results in Healthy Active Bodies…


Without healthy self-esteem, it will be impossible to stay on track with your nutrition plan and exercise goals.

In fact, your self-esteem is the foundation, it is the key to your long-term lasting, health promotion success.

Truth is, people get what they believe they deserve – not what they want in life.

If your self-esteem is at a low level (the value you place on yourself), you will not value yourself enough to truly “go for it” in life much less allow yourself the freedom of a fit, healthy and strong body. [Read more…]

Yoga for Body and Mind Health

Yoga infographics set with person in lotus pose wellness and body treatment symbols vector illustration

Eating the right foods and working your muscles like they were created to be used is paramount to anyone whose objective is to live a long healthy, vibrant life.

However, the job doesn’t stop there nor does it start there.

Just as a coin is “two sided”…you are also “two sided”…you have inner mind that must be kept healthy just as you have your outer physical body that must be kept healthy. They work as a team. If one is in chaos, the other one won’t be working at peak performance.

Without a doubt, addressing your muscles needs and your diet goes a long way to fulfilling the needs of your outer physical body, but, if you don’t address your “inner” mind’s needs at the same time, you are facing an uphill battle because you’ll be fighting off your inner demons that are directly responsible for the “stressors” in your life. [Read more…]

Adjust Your “Pain and Pleasure” Associations to Work for You…

fitnessXmotivatioinOf the two primary driving emotions of pain and pleasure, pain will always be the stronger short term motivator and the one that easily derails us from reaching our goals because our brains are naturally wired to move away from pain.

It’s an unfortunate truth that most people who begin a program to shift to their current lifestyles to a healthier lifestyle will eventually fail because their mind associates this process (get healthier) with pain (real or perceived) rather than pleasure.

This causes an internal battle between opposing thoughts to either carry out one action (leading to success) or the other (that does not lead to success.)

For example: shifting to a healthier lifestyle might trigger a negative response in someone’s mind that equates to settling for less satisfying foods like carrot sticks, having to eat bland foods or salads every night or having to exercise everyday. So immediately the “pain” response takes over and causes them to want to flee. [Read more…]

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